Funding to Help Landlords Afford Repairs


Most communities want to help landlords access funding to address lead hazards.  In addition to money from the city’s budget, public-private partnerships and bringing in money from the philanthropic community and other sources are both important to fund a robust lead program.

  •  Cleveland’s Lead Safe Home Fund: helps property owners pay for lead testing and remediation in their homes.  The fund contains $10 million overall, including $5 million from the city.
  • Erie County (Buffalo) Revolving Loan Fund: Erie County is developing a revolving loan fund that can be used to assist low-income residents with making small repairs to their homes. The loan fund would finance repairs, ranging between $1,000 and $25,000, of dwellings located in Erie County by homeowners and landlords otherwise unable to afford such repairs.
  • Massachusetts has a Lead Paint Removal Tax Credit.

An excellent resource for opportunities for lead funding overall is the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative’s Lead Funding Toolkit.