Which units are inspected?

  For rental inspection programs that inspect for all housing hazards, best practice is to include all rental housing.  Example: Rochester, New York: Their inspection program covers all housing, focuses on health, safety and blight, and is triggered by a complaint, neighborhood survey, a referral, or an application for Certificate of Occupancy.   For rental inspection […]

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What do they look for?

  The two most common options are inspection programs for all housing hazards (often including (smoke detectors, mold, carbon monoxide detectors) or inspection programs that only look for lead hazards.   To learn more about home health hazards generally, see The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative’s Home Health Hazards information.  For those interested in inspecting for […]

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What do you do if you find a lead hazard?

Abatement    =   an activity designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards Remediation =  interim control to minimize lead hazards Ideally, all lead hazards would be permanently abated whenever discovered.  However, lead abatement, which often involves replacing windows, can be very costly.  In communities with low housing stock, the cost of abatement may be higher […]

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